While not achieving any notability for his hair color, which is sandy like so many other Portland Bonsai Villagers, Austin Heitzman is however quite tall, equalled only by the stratospheric Matt Reel. Otherwise he fits in with the others, blends I should say, with his affability. I should also mention that he makes nice stands.  

Austin is an award-winning furniture maker in Portland, Oregon, and a bonsai hobbyist. In 2013 he began making bonsai stands and has found acclaim for his innovation. Quite a handful (I don't know the actual number but it was more than a few) of his stands were used in The Artisans Cup show here in Portland recently, including several that were supporting award winning trees. 

Austin sent me a few photos of his recent work, which I share here. Lot of unusual choices in woods and forms, but based on traditional ideas. Hope you enjoy them!

For more about Austin's work, check out his website: http://www.austinheitzmanfurniture.com/ 

More about other Villagers in future 'Spotlight' blog posts. We're also working on getting our Village T-shirt for sale here on the website...stay tuned.

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