From the swift guerrilla visit to a Villager’s nursery during a vacation to the long-term stay of an apprentice, our goal is to serve all of you. At its core, the Village is designed to be the place where the next generation of bonsai artists will find their wings.

Village Programs

Village Flights

We envision this as our ‘Bonsai Flight’ offering, a sampler, if you will. Still in its planning phase, our doors will open during the Campus in intensive mini-classes of a day or half day each. Step into the gardens of professionals, sample our various teachers, and learn the art of bonsai.

Village Tours

When you’ve found a couple Villager’s nurseries that tickle your fancy, do let us know. With the Tours we’ll pick you up, share some fantastically good bonsai with you, and then we’ll drop you off hopefully dazed and wanting to return. Be sure to get a Village Passport when you come, and get it stamped at the destinations you visit. 

Village Elementary

This will be one of our first offerings. The Village brings bonsai into classrooms like elementary schools and Head Start to nurture the seed of beauty and responsibility in youth.

Future Projects

For our long term dreams, we wish to offer Village Grants, available to prospective students who wish to study in the Village. Also in our sights is the Village Dormitory, our long-term goal of a dwelling in Portland where students, be they long-term apprentices or short-term students, may stay while they study with Villagers. Maybe that will be you. Then we hope to create a Village Co-Op as well, where all products around the Village will be offered for sale: Bonsai, pots, stands, tools, and everything else of the art.